July 24 2022  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


A proximity card is an easy way to control who can enter a building.  In the past locks and keys were used to secure buildings, but the shift has been moving towards proximity card technology.  It’s inconvenient to continue re-issuing keys when there is employee turnover, etc. which is why more organizations today are moving towards smart technology cards. In addition, traditional keys can be easily duplicated which can create a greater risk of an unauthorized individual gaining access. 

Evolis Edikio Printers Create a New Visual Standard for Hospitality and Food-Service Displays

April 28 2022  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


The Edikio Printer — an all-in-one solution for printing information tags/labels on plastic cards. Built specifically for stores, hotels and restaurants, Edikio tag-printing solutions allow anyone to easily create professionally designed, aesthetically appealing and eye-catching price tags, buffet tags and practical tags on plastic cards. Perfect for most any food or other point-of-purchase display.

Different Models Of Magicard ID Card Printers Present A Solid Lineup

June 08 2021  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


They Offer Exceptional Security And High-resolution Printing And Design With Simplicity And Speed. Magicard ID card printers are unique on the market. Flexible and modular, each printer is designed to adapt to your needs. ID Security Online maintains the latest in its selection of ID card printers to give customers the newest and most innovative printing technology. Leading card-printer manufacturers like Magicard improve their technology, print speeds and security options, and the current Magicard printer lineup is worth a close look.

Differences Between Single and Dual-Sided ID Card Printers — Why it Matters

April 12 2021  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


When selecting an ID card printer, an important issue to consider is whether the user needs or could benefit from printing on both sides of the card. The answer to this question lies in how the cards will be used (their purpose and function) and how much information they may need to display. For many users, one side of a card suffices to display pertinent cardholder and card issuer information. For other users, much more cardholder/issuer information must be visible to serve the card’s purposes. 

Maximize the use of your Photo ID Card System

February 08 2021  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


You’ve just invested in an ID card system to print employee badges, but do you know you can turn that system into a powerful marketing tool?

Here’s what you can do with your card printer:

  • Visitor badges. Securing your facilities is essential. Issuing visitor badges to all incoming guests, contractors, and service providers helps you easily identify visitors, keep an accurate record of who’s on the premises, and prevent unauthorized individuals from trespassing. It also makes a great first impression on entrants. Ensuring contractors are equipped with visually verifiable ID photo badges prevents unauthorized access or tampering.
Laminating ID Card Printers

December 23 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


If you’ve been looking for an ID-card printer you’re probably already aware that selecting the right printer with the right features to meet your needs is a daunting task. If you’re ID cards must maximize security and/or durability, the important printer features/functions addressed below need your careful attention. In plastic/PVC ID card and badge printing, lamination is a secondary process using heat and pressure to apply a clear layer of polyester film (laminate) over the card’s surface using a heated lamination module just after the card design is printed. Laminating ID cards is important and quite useful for several key reasons.

Fargo INK1000 Single-Sided Thermal Inkjet ID Card Printer

October 25 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


IDSecurityOnline has scrutinized the performance of the Fargo INK1000—and it’s made a great impression. If you’re searching for a reliable card printer to consistently produce quality cards—employee ID, credit, debit, identity, access, loyalty, public transportation passes and more—look at this winner. The Fargo INK1000 Thermal Inkjet printer offers cost-effective inkjet printing, while reducing your overall cost of ownership. It’s been engineered as the industry's first inkjet printer compatible with standard CR8030 PVC cards.

The Power Of Great ID Badge Accessories

September 22 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


The value, utility, and security of an ID badge—and the success of your ID card program—is significantly enhanced by the many badge accessories available. Having the right accessories is a must. Accessories ensure your ID cards are durable, easily accessible, displayed properly, and not lost. Get the most out of ID cards and badges and maximize their impact and service to your enterprise by ensuring that everyone you issue ID cards to has the right tools to use ID cards effectively and conveniently.

Why Visitor Management is a Big Deal in Today’s World

August 13 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


In today’s world, managing people within controlled areas is a key to health, safety and security throughout the premises. From Fortune 500 organizations to the local library, all enterprises and institutions need a visitor-management system that works. Everyone wants to know they’re safe and secure—and in the right place—when they enter any controlled or unfamiliar space. And it’s every facility manager’s responsibility to make it so.

For most organizations that regularly receive visitors, visitors’ presence within an operation is essential to pursuing organizational missions. Properly accommodating, directing, tracking, and documenting visitors serves both the visitors and the host to mutual advantage.

Surviving and Controlling COVID-19 Depends on Effective ID (Visual) Communication

June 11 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


Today we live with the threat of Covid-19 transmission and the persistent need to ensure safety and contain transmission of infectious disease. The worldwide COVID-19 crisis has established new cultural standards of personal responsibility concerning social distancing and prudent awareness of transmission risks. Responsible people everywhere want to do their part to not just “get through” but “beat” infectious disease—and prevent its re-emergence.

New COVID-19-induced standards and protocols require that individuals sharing any common environment—especially those in which disease transmission risks are high—understand as many facts as possible concerning infectious disease risks and management. The more facts available/shared, the better able people are to govern themselves wisely and effectively to minimize transmission.

Ultimate Guide to Introducing Visitor Badges for Your Business

June 07 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


Too many businesses trivialize the need for professional and functional visitor identification assets. However, visitor badges can play a significant role in the security and brand image of your company as well as provide a better experience for your visitors - whether social or professional.

Different businesses also have different requirements, and you’d be surprised at the breadth of visitor badge solutions that can cater to specific situations.

COVID-19 Has Transformed Everyday Jobs into a Life or Death Matter

April 26 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


That is perhaps a headline that we never thought that we would have to create here at IDSecurityOnline, but alas, here we are. So much of the work we have done over the past 20 years has revolved around keeping unwanted and authorized persons out of places where they should not be. Now, our foe has gone microscopic and the top notch ID security system alone simply will not suffice. Fortunately for you, we do not give up so easily. 

April 01 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting all of us in unprecedented ways. While we are currently in full operation, we continue to monitor this situation and have implemented precautions to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers.

Some of these precautions include:

  • Advisories of personal hygiene and social distancing techniques;
  • Provisioning our workplace with sanitary supplies to inhibit the spread of the virus at work and in the community.
  • Work-from-home options have been instated where possible for our staff.

We anticipate more adjustments will be made as we monitor the guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Questions you should ask before buying the MAGiCARD Prima 8

March 09 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


The Prima 8 is MAGiCARD’s updated version of the Prima 4. It’s a high-end retransfer ID card printer with top-of-the-range encoding and printing technologies. In fact, it can print ID cards that meet some of the highest U.S. federal government standards. Like other MAGiCARD printers, the Prima 8 comes with a host of optional features to extend its utility.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best candidate for all applications. Here, you’ll find answers to the most critical questions you may have before investing in the Prima 8 for your organization’s card printing needs.

Don’t Forget Your Retransfer Printer Supply Essentials

February 16 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


It might seem like a small matter to some, but the quality and security of your ID printing solution is of great consequence to government agencies and organizations where security is paramount. The line item is not the place you go to find budget savings and second tier solutions are unacceptable. If that sounds like your organization and you are tasked with procuring such a system, then retransfer printing is your end objective. If you are unsure if this is headed, then might we suggest you run through a quick checklist.

In 2020, Secure ID Cards are more Important than Ever

January 13 2020  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


The year 2020 has arrived and it is a new year full of new hope and opportunities. Unfortunately, if history is any indicator, criminals feel the same way. Those who would do you or your organization harm are working up new methods and tactics to commit some of the world’s oldest crimes. Theft, fraud, and acts of violence are nothing new, but the strategies behind them continually evolve with the times. 
Accessories to make your organization's ID badges more efficient

December 09 2019  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


If you’re considering ID badges for your organization, simple ID cardholders with lanyards are the first to mind. However, no work environment is the same, and you should consider the factors that can impact how ID badges are used in your situation.

Different types of accessories can change how to use ID badges. On top of speeding up identification and verification, they can streamline your workplace and even impact safety.

Secure your company resources the easy way with proximity cards

December 04 2019  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


When you manage a business how do you ensure that each of your employees only has access to the areas of the building and the equipment that you want them to be able to access? You could employ a team of security men to guard sensitive areas or patrol your building but that is expensive, labour intensive and not 100% effective. A much more effective means of controlling the physical access of your employees is through the use of proximity cards. By issuing each member of your staff with a proximity card you can be assured that access to your high-security areas or company equipment is not compromised. Everyone will be able to go where they need to go but no further.
Understanding the value of ID cards for manufacturing company

November 11 2019  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


If you are responsible for the security of a manufacturing company or any industrial premises then you will understand how important it is that you know who is on the premises at any time. You must know whether your employees have arrived for work or if they have gone home for the evening. You will also want to be sure that anyone you find walking around the site is authorized to be there, and it not a member of the public who could be potentially be injured by the machinery, or be someone with criminal intent. The easiest way to achieve all of these aims is by issuing authorized people with photo ID badges.
Seven steps to ID card printing success

October 24 2019  |  By: IDSecurityOnline


There are plenty of photo ID systems available and at times the choice can appear to be almost overwhelming. How can you work out what you need when faced with so much choice? Here are seven things that will help you to choose the most appropriate card printing system for your needs.
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